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school of
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About SoPS

The School of Physical Sciences (SoPS) was established on October 1, 2021, upon a restructuring process of the University.

The School of Physical Sciences has qualified Academic and Support Staff who deliver quality tuition and administrative procedures that make its graduates more competitive on the job market and relevant to the needs of the community, Ghana, and the world at large.

The School is currently home to Two Departments namely:

  1. Department of Applied Physics
  2. Department of Earth Science

There is a total staff strength of Eighteen (18) with the Department of Applied Physics having Nine (9) Academic Staff (five (5) Senior Lectures and four (4) Lecturers) and two (2) Non-Teaching Staff. Also, the Department of Earth Science has a total of five (5) Lecturers (One (1) Senior Lecturer, one (1) Lecturer, and three (3) Assistant Lecturers) and one (1) Non-Teaching Staff.

The School office has three (3) Administrative Support staff.

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Our Mission

The mission of the school is to educate all students to the highest levels of academic achievement, to enable them to reach and expand their potential, and to prepare them to become productive, responsible, ethical, creative, and compassionate members of society and Ghana as a whole.

Our Vision

The vision of the school is to increase our current enrolment by creating more demand-driven programs (undergraduate and Postgraduate) at the various Departments and to operate a Workshop building to begin various services to train our students, and supply services to the University and the general public.

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